Personal Training at Equinox

Discover how Personal Training completes your high-performance world at Equinox—including incredible fitness classes and breathtaking club spaces. The next step is yours.

Make the Impossible Possible

You can, and you will. With the right personal trainer, you’re partners in the impossible. Together you break records, tear down walls, and unlock the extraordinary. At every step, you’re driven by passionate trainers backed by the latest science and our industry-leading fitness institute. Our program. Your results.

Your Partner. Your Performance.

Stronger, leaner, faster—whatever your goals, we use real human match-making to connect you with the perfect trainer. Because when you meet the right person, the results can be epic.

Stories of the Impossible

Real members. Real change. Together with their trainers, these Equinox members break records, tear down walls, and unlock the extraordinary. Watch them make impossible happen.


After pro parkour athlete Drew Taylor faced a broken ankle and a possibly shattered career, his Tier X trainer Joe got him stronger than ever.


Her parents call her Precious. You can call her powerful. Once she began training with Courtney, Precious Capiral started fighting fears and smashing stereotypes.


When her high-performance life took its toll, Asmeret Berhe thought she’d never get her balance back. Then her trainer Carlos taught her to slow down—so she could go faster.


Bride-to-be Juliana Plahn-Brewer had her sights set on a training transformation for her wedding day—but with zero experience, she was told it couldn’t be done. Then she met Alyssa.

You. Powered By Science.

Behind every Equinox trainer you'll find an unparalleled training program clinically proven to deliver real results. Your trainer undergoes a rigorous, science-backed education through the Equinox Fitness Training Institute, our elite program guided by the esteemed experts on our Health Advisory Board. Through EFTI your trainer steadily evolves in expertise, so you get results and get to the top—together.

Get Your Equifit

If you’re new to Personal Training at Equinox, your journey starts here. Get your complimentary Equifit® fitness assessment and use your personalized results to set the best goals you’ve ever had.

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Our Trainer Tiers, Explained

Our tiers are progressive. Trainers are promoted to higher tiers as they advance at the Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI), our proprietary education program. At every tier, a trainer gains cumulative knowledge to expand their expertise.

Reach New Heights With Tier X

Equinox Personal Training reaches its peak with Tier X, the world’s most advanced health and wellness coaching. Powered by behavior training, our holistic approach does more than redefine your workout—it transforms how you move, fuel, and recharge as a whole.

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Sleep Coaching

Best. Sleep. Ever. Retrain your body and brain with Sleep Coaching designed just for you. Collab with a trainer to unlock better sleep and transform how you move, feel, and own the day.

Available at select clubs.

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