Camp Platinum Dispatches

Camp Platinum Dispatches

Over the past several weeks, Equinox members have been gathering on both coasts to celebrate summer. They’ve run through the streets of LA to dine at LACMA, skipped rope with Amanda Kloots, road bikes 27 miles to an art gallery in Montauk, and more.


“Something we saw at LACMA during Camp Platinum was that having a running partner or group keeps you motivated and brings everybody closer together.” says Precision Run coach Jenia Koroleva. “At the LACMA event, everybody was a stranger at the start of the run, but by the time it was finished, everybody sat down for dinner and carried on conversations for over an hour."


Cycling in a new area provides more visual stimulation and allows you to experience the world around you in a unique way, says Joshua Funderburg, group fitness manager at Hudson Yards, who led the Camp Platinum 27-mile bike ride to Montauk. Whether you’re in a city or surrounded by nature, a bike can take you further than you’d be able to go on foot while still allowing you to soak in more than you’d get if you were speeding by in a car.


Follow these three rules from Amanda Kloots, former Broadway dancer and creator of AK! Rope: 

1. Make sure that you're jumping with your knees over your toes, your hips over your knees, your shoulders over your hips. 

2. Use your core. Think: Belly button back to your spine. Arching your back can cause lower back pain. 

3. Keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees to create the diameter for your rope to go around your body.

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