Using repurposed elements is a great way to renovate any space and bring the original character into the updated design. “Incorporating existing materials can create a layering of time and history in a space," explains Equinox's director of architecture and planning, Andrew Lee. You can also add character with other reclaimed elements like wood, brick, and vintage lighting. Lee and the team used exactly this approach when designing Equinox x Hamptons in Bridgehampton. Located in a renovated barn, our newest club is a one-of-a-kind, locally-inspired experience that fits right into the neighborhood. Inside, you’ll find reclaimed barn wood, holophane lighting, and painted pressed-tin ceilings.


Equinox senior editor Leah Bhabha recommends these three spots, whether you’re looking for a post-workout treat or simply want to sit in the sun.

Carissa’s: “The pistachio croissant is otherworldly.”

Moby’s: “They make excellent cocktails, but I can’t resist the pastas.”

Sagaponack Distillery: “It’s a lovely place to sit outside. Don’t miss the bloody Marys.”


Beyond group fitness classes in the atrium and strength and conditioning training on our landscaped grounds, there are a few lesser-known perks available at our newest club. Here, group fitness instructor Felicia Csolak's three must-dos when you visit:

1. Take advantage of the regeneration station. "Not only are there multiple Hypervolts and vibrating foam rollers available for members to use, but the Normatec air compression system is available to help with lower body recovery," Csolak notes. 

2. Lather up with Supergoop sunscreen. "This is a personal fave of mine as a skincare junkie," says Csolak. "It's available in the locker rooms for members so there are no excuses for not putting it on before an outdoor workout."

3. Stay hydrated. Csolak hydrates at the alkaline water dispenser that has both flat and seltzer water. The club also offers complimentary Flow Water bottles. 


This barre-inspired exercise focuses on the core and posterior chain (backside of the body). "By bringing the Magic Circle (or Pilates ring) into play, we challenge the core with an unstable surface," says group fitness instructor Felicia Csolak. "The sequence begins with narrow rows which target our back body, and then transitions into tricep work before going into glute work, utilizing the Magic Ring again, where we have to fight for our stability, torching the abdominals." Watch Csolak demonstrate, at our Equinox x Hamptons club here.

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