"Farmers markets are a great activity when you're traveling and give you a sense of what's in season," says Equinox senior editor and cookbook author Leah Bhabha. Research local markets before you arrive and prioritize independent, family-run restaurants to support the local economy. Asking where the ingredients, especially seafood and other proteins, are sourced will also help you determine if it was procured sustainably.


When you're traveling, experts recommend purchasing carbon offsets [whereby money is donated to funds reducing greenhouse gas emissions] and selecting direct flights instead of multiple legs to minimize the environmental impact. Upon arrival at the destination, opt for “slow travel” (as opposed to fast travel like airplanes) by using boats or trains whenever possible. Rely on public transportation instead of cars for inner-city transit.


Maximize the transitional time spent between point A and point B with this technique from Michael Gervais's Holiday Travel: En Route HeadStrong meditation on Equinox+:

-Sense your physical body, how it feels to be where you are. 

-Expand your awareness to include the environment around you, to sense the space, the air, and if there are other people in the cabin. 

-Zoom out even more to sense the entire vehicle and the direction of motion. 

-Now see if you can zoom out even more and bring to mind where you departed from and your destination. 

-In the midst of all of this, still sense yourself, and notice how that feels. 

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