Prep With Percussion Therapy

Using a massage device before training primes the body for movement by increasing circulation and range of motion, says James Gu, Equinox’s director of Spa, in the Regen Collection’s Enhance Recovery With Tech. That enhanced prep, in turn, will help you get a better workout and recovery. A few tips: When you incorporate the device into your warm-up, target tight areas and move quickly up and down each muscle group. Remember to avoid bone and stick to areas with bulky tissue. If you have yet to purchase your own massage device, you can find multiple options at The Shop.

Train Your Breathing

The habit of over-breathing—taking shorter breaths through the mouth rather than slow ones through the nose—hampers recovery by affecting your ability to sleep deeply. Turns out, you can train your breath while you exercise. For instance, during your session, you can hold water in your mouth for up to 20 minutes to reinforce nasal breathing. And when you’re recovering from sprints or heavy lifts, you can hold your breath for two to five seconds between each inhale and exhale to improve your efficiency and CO2 tolerance.


Hydration is one of the most important parts of recovery, says group fitness instructor Breanna Cummings in the Regen Collection’s The Power of H20. And post-session replenishment can be tailored to your needs: “We all deplete fluids during a workout, but the amount depends on the person and length and type of activity,” Cummings says. Weigh yourself before and after you train: Ideally, you should drink 16 ounces of fluid per pound lost. Level up by adding a bit of salt and lemon juice to your glass of water. Then, move around (read: take a lap around your home) about 10 to 15 minutes after sipping your drink to help your tissues absorb those fluids.


The Regen Collection on Equinox+ is all about passive and active physical recovery, with a curated list of classes focused on the down regulation of the central nervous system and new content exploring topics like massage, hydration, and recovery tech.

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