As January 1 approaches, you might be starting to think about a resolution for 2022. But is this popular ritual the best way to approach personal growth? Here, Equinox coaches offer their perspectives on this annual tradition.


“I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions,” says Michele Baird, a Tier X coach at Plano in Texas. They’re just goals, she adds. And really, you should be setting goals all year long. Jonathan Carlozzi, a Tier X coach at Dartmouth Street in Boston holds a similar opinion: “[New Year’s resolutions] imply that a person is beholden to something outside their control, like a specific day.  A resolution should begin when the person is ready to make a change.”

That said, resolutions aren’t inherently bad. In fact, for some, the timing might be just right. “The New Year is a great time to check in with ourselves and set new goals,” says Angela Dols, a Tier X coach at Sports Club D.C. “If the idea of a new year inspires and motivates someone to start a healthier habit, I say lean in.”

The bottom line: There’s nothing magical about January 1, so you don’t need to wait to set new objectives. But if you’re feeling moved by the fresh start, go for it.


Unfortunately, resolutions fail for a variety of reasons. For instance, “where people go wrong is oftentimes biting off more than they can chew,” says Caroline Beebe, a Tier X coach at Coral Gables in Florida. These pro tips will help set you up for success, no matter when you’re creating goals.

Plan For Incremental Progress. // “Pick a goal that has layers we can work towards,” says Leigh Hoyt, MNR Manager at Lincoln Common in Chicago. Carlozzi notes that it may be too difficult to stay consistent if your goals require you to adopt several new habits at once. Consider a step-by-step approach that allows you to integrate one habit into your routine at a time, he advises. 

Be SMART. // “Change your resolution to a SMART goal, then create an action plan working backwards from that goal all the way to now,” says Matt Alexander, a Tier X coach at Bishopsgate in London. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely, Dols explains.

Identify Possible Roadblocks. // Do a quick “Skill vs. Will” assessment, suggests Quinton Yording, a Tier X coach at Highland Park in Texas. “Ask yourself what you want to accomplish, then create a column of skills you may need to develop in order to achieve this goal,” he explains. “In the other column, list the things that you are willing to do in order to make this goal happen.”

Own It. // “Talk about it to everyone and put that energy out into the world,” says Jakub Szylak, a Tier X coach at The Loop in Chicago. He also recommends writing it down in your phone or on paper and putting it somewhere you’ll see it often, like on your nightstand or fridge. 

Go For It Today. // “Start now!” says Kevin Pelikan, a Tier X coach at Columbus Circle in New York City. “It can take weeks or months to form new habits.” If you get going today, he adds, you’ll be ready to string good days together come January 1. 


These Equinox coaches have made their own goals for 2022 – and they just might motivate you. 

“A goal that I’m starting right now – yes, even over the holiday eating season – is getting back down to 8% body fat, doing a set of at least 60 push-ups without breaking, and seeing how fast I can run one mile.” 

--Jonathan Carlozzi, at Tier X coach at Dartmouth Street in Boston

“I’m building up to my second half Ironman on May 7, then my first full Ironman on June 26.”

--Matt Alexander, Tier X coach, Bishopsgate

“To spend as much time with family as possible when I’m not working.” 

--Baker Ibrahim, Tier X coach, Kensington

“This year, I want to travel somewhere once per quarter, do two sprint triathlons and one Olympic-distance triathlon, and find a new place to take aerial silks classes once a week.”

--Caroline Beebe, Tier X coach, Coral Gables

“My 2022 behavior change is to create a larger social circle by engaging in one new group-based activity a month, like taking a cooking class or finding a hiking or biking group. Expanding my social circle will bring more positivity, laughter, and joy to my life.”

--Rhen StChristopher, Tier X coach, Greenwich Ave

“My New Year’s resolution is to start a meditation practice.”

--Angela Dols, Tier X coach, Sports Club D.C.

“My goal for 2022 is to get out into nature more – at least one weekend a month, take a day to go on a long hike. And at least one weekend a month, spend time in local parks. I feel my best when I go hiking and get out of the concrete jungle I live in.”

--Cooper Mann, Tier X coach, Columbus Circle 

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