Day 1: 7:00 a.m. RISE AND STRENGTHEN.

You may wake up on day 1 to find video demos of a total-body strength workout—designed by an elite Equinox coach—cued up for you in the app. Head to the club or do it at home—it’s up to you.

PRO TIP: There are actually different types of strength: general strength, max strength (think: Olympic-style lifters that are focused on a one-rep max), hypertrophy (aka muscle-building), and more. Each one of these requires a different approach to your programming, including the rep ranges and rest periods. 

If your primary goal is to build general strength, your Program may consist of exercises you do for six or fewer reps. If your goal is hypertrophy, you may use an eight- to 12-rep range. Having your coach program each workout with intention based on your desired results takes the guesswork out of the equation.

DAY 1: 10:00 p.m. WIND DOWN.

Our coaches know that nutrition and recovery are just as important as movement (which is why we talk about them as our three pillars: MNR). Sleep in particular is non-negotiable. Since growth hormone (which helps you build muscle) is released when you sleep, it’s crucial to get seven or more hours of sleep each night to optimize your gains. That’s why your Program may also include HeadStrong meditations to help you relax at night. (You may also see yoga classes and active recovery routines in your Program.)


PRO TIP: When you get in bed, try a progressive muscle relaxation technique which can help you drift off into a deep sleep. Cue up Surrender to Sleep HeadStrong meditation or try this: Start at your face and head and tense the muscles with an inhale, hold briefly, then relax them with an exhale; continue to move down your body doing the same for each new muscle.


Today, your Program may give you the option of taking an in-club Vinyasa yoga class or an on-demand PURE Yoga hip openers class. Yoga is a great way to balance out all the tough workouts you’re doing throughout your week.

DAY 2: 9:00 a.m. REFUEL.

When it comes to nutrition, our coaches focus on habit-related strategies since everyone’s goal is so unique. 


PRO TIP: If your goal is weight loss, eating more slowly helps to reduce overall intake. Using chopsticks can help you eat more mindfully.


Answer a few questions in the app and we’ll tailor 28 days of workouts, recovery, and nutrition strategies accordingly.

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