“For someone who has a hard time committing to running, it is all about finding the right amount to fit into your life,” says Precision Run creator David Siik. That’s why EQX+ has a variety of options for different ‘types’ of runners including 15-minute “Hiit & Quit”  treadmill runs for those that only want (or have time for) very short runs and the art of “jogging” for a less intense, very fun approach to running. “Don’t pick a running option you worry you can’t stick to, find one you know you can,” Siik says.


“It is hard not to get excited after watching one of the greatest marathons on earth,” says Siik. Take that inspired feeling you get and commit to a race, whether it’s a local 5K or an international marathon, that day. “If you sign up for something right after spectating, you’ll feel committed to doing it later.” 


Siik adds that seeing people running ‘for’ something, like a charity or cause, moves him deeply. He advises writing down (or taking a picture) of a group’s t-shirt or jersey and looking them up afterwards. “You may just find an organization you want to get involved with.”


Here are NYC-based Precision Run coach Corky Corkum’s personal nutrition strategies—and some great places to “carb up” in the city: 


Pre-race: Keep it simple

“You don't want to be eating anything very new or different from what you've had throughout training, especially the night before long runs,” she says. “If you are eating out at a restaurant, consider requesting some plain pasta with butter, and enjoy some bread on the side.” 


Post-race: Eat local

“I suggest finding a place in your neighborhood or close to your hotel—walking a few blocks may feel quite challenging,” Corkum says. “For options a short cab ride from the NYC Marathon finish line, Hell's Kitchen is the perfect neighborhood thanks to the overwhelming number of restaurants.” 


Carb up (or refuel) in NYC

Here are Corkum’s suggestions for (delicious) carbs for the weekend of the race as snacks or meals on the go:

- Levain Bakery

- Chip City Cookies 

- Pick-A-Bagel

- Brooklyn Bagels

- Hudson Bagels (no website; 82 Christopher Street)

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