Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI) ensures the scientific integrity of all movement, nutrition and regeneration programming behind the Equinox Personal Training model. We hold ourselves accountable to the principles of the human body and the evolving peer-reviewed research that drives the methods we use to affect it.

Guided by a relentless focus on maximizing the knowledge potential of all Equinox trainers, EFTI's mission is to propel measurable client results through structured and progressive education that inspires breakthrough individualized program design.


The Equinox Fitness Training Institute was founded in 1993, two years after our first club opened its doors. Equinox was the first ever fitness company to offer consistent and progressive education to both the personal trainers and the client alike.

With the goal of providing the best education possible, the curriculum was designed and reviewed by world-renowned experts in fields that progress our Movement Nutrition Regeneration (MNR) Strategy.

Along with the internal curriculum, EFTI also oversees and coordinates all continuing education for personal trainers company-wide. By bringing in external experts to provide one or two-day educational workshops and instruction on specialty programming, we consistently advance the timeliness and quality of information delivered to our training staff.


Throughout their careers, Equinox personal trainers will attend over 150 hours of internal education focusing on such topics as: exercise and cardiovascular physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, orthopedic injury, nutrition and program design. The end result is a personal trainer who is able to design a program specific to the unique needs and goals of our members. This makes us able to deliver unparalleled service to a member that expects only the best.

In order to progress within the Equinox Tier system, a personal trainer must pass the necessary curriculum. At the end of each section, trainers are tested on their knowledge and application of the new information. This ensures that hours spent in class translate to quality programming on the strength floor.

Our internal Master Instructors (MIs) are some of Equinox’s best and brightest personal trainers, and together with local clinicians, they administer the EFTI curriculum. To ensure a high standard of instruction, all MIs are required to have a degree related to our profession with at least two years experience as a trainer. In order to take on the role as an educator, our MIs must also undergo a certification process that provides them with the tools to lead the educational development of our trainers.


It is our goal to use the highest level of education to drive quality programming that leads to client results. Backed by a solid foundation of education, our trainers can help individuals implement the right behaviors to achieve their health and fitness goals.