Celebrate Black History Month: LaQuan Smith

In honor of Black History Month, we spoke to cultural pioneers in the Equinox community about what this month means to them. This week, we are featuring womenswear designer LaQuan Smith, known for sultry creations favored by Lizzo, Rihanna, and more.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

To me, Black History Month is a time to reflect on all the contributions and accomplishments Black people have made in this country from civil rights to the invention of hip-hop. It’s also a time to be looking forward to new Black ideas, moments, and culture.

How will you celebrate this month?

I celebrate this month by just living boldly in a space that has not been designed for me: the luxury fashion industry. My fall collection always lands in February and I think there’s nothing better than seeing my perspective every Black History Month.


Which Black  icons inspire you?

I’m inspired by Black icons ranging from Grace Jones to Lil’ Kim to Tina Turner. These women are unapologetically sexy, strong, and glamorous—the ethos of the LaQuan Smith brand.


How will this month dictate the rest of your year?

This month is always my moment to showcase how I see the rest of the year. These last few months in the quarter mean as much to my design process as my business. I’m excited for the continued momentum.



Sourcing and designing has felt more free in the past year without so many distractions. Quarantining for some was a bore, but I made it an opportunity to seek inspiration and research how my woman would be glamorous even in a pandemic. 

How is movement important in your life?

Movement is important because I'm always looking forward. Fashion is here to not only represent current culture, but to lift and inspire the public moving forward.