The Core Connection

When Isaac works with non-dancers, he notices they start to make subtle changes—like standing up straighter. “There is something very specific and almost nourishing about moving your body like a dancer,” he explains, adding that everything you do has to come from your core. And when he trains athletes in other sports, they learn to access different muscles that make them more aware of their bodies’ capabilities, he notes.

The Emotional Release

Dance is about expression, Isaac says, and music is a major component of his training. “I don’t just play random songs, I curate a DJ set. And it sort of takes you on an emotional journey.” Sometimes he’ll even see people crying during an intense song as they relate to a lyric or beautiful piece.

The Dancer Mentality

When you start incorporating dance movements and conditioning into your fitness regimen, don’t get discouraged, and don’t look for perfection, Isaac says. “Do what you can, even if it means five minutes,” he says. “But show up every day.” Over time, he explains, you’ll get stronger and be able to do more.

Equinox + Torch'd

“TORCH’D was born on the Broadway stage,” Isaac says. It all started in the dancer’s dressing room at the Palace Theatre, where he created a pre-show regimen for staying lean, fit, and capable of performing eight times a week. Eventually, he brought his method to the pop stars he choreographed for, and he offered free live sessions on Instagram during the pandemic. Recently, as part of the TORCH’D Ambition Tour, Isaac has led sessions at Equinox clubs in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas—and he hopes to visit others this summer, too.


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