The bioavailability benefit

IV drip therapy bypasses your digestive system, says James Gu, director of The Spa. In theory, this allows your body to absorb more vitamins and minerals—and do it faster—than if you ingested them, he explains.

The multipurpose menu

What draws many people to try an IV drip for the first time is a hangover, Gu says. In fact, NutriDrip, the provider of IV Nutrient Therapy at The Hotel and Equinox East 74th Street, offers a whole slate of Recovery Drips. But the broader menu can suit other unique needs, too. Drips with B-Complex or vitamin B12 (like NutriBoost) might provide you with a pre-workout energy boost, Gu says. There are also drips that are designed to support immunity and speed up muscle recovery, among other things.

The (potentially) instant impact

While it’s not the case for every kind of drip, certain offerings from NutriDrip can change how you’re feeling right away, according to Gu. For example, if you’re getting a drip for your hangover, you’ll feel different “almost immediately,” he says. And some people feel the benefits of their energy-boosting drip shortly after they get it, too, Gu adds. But everyone reacts in their own way, he notes. In fact, he finds that the drip doesn’t increase his energy levels instantaneously—instead, it balances his energy levels throughout the day.

The next wave of Equinox IVs

People are becoming more conscious of what their body wants—rather than simply taking a multivitamin and moving on with the day, Gu says. IV therapy fits in with that trend, he adds, because it allows people to pick a drip that meets their personal needs. Beginning Memorial Day, offerings from NutriDrip will be available on the pool terrace at Equinox Hudson Yards, along with onsite nurses to help you decide on the best option for you. And in the coming months, you’ll also be able to find drips at Equinox locations around the country, including Sports Club New York, Coral Gables, Brickell, and Sports Club Orange County.

Consult your doctor before trying IV drip therapy, and always see a trained professional to create, recommend, and administer your drip.


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