Though it can certainly be exciting and inspire a rush of adrenaline, sailing also has the potential to relax you. It’s an experience that gets you out of the day-to-day, Gately explains. “You’re focusing on a point ahead, and you get into this place where it’s just the wind and the water, and you and your boat,” she says. “It’s very freeing.”


“[At HRCS], we always tell people that they’re going to be more tired and feel like they got more of a workout than they thought,” Gately notes, “because even if you’re sitting, you are constantly having to adjust and balance in a way that you’re not used to.” Sailing can help build core strength, she adds, and raising and lowering the sails trains your upper body.


For many people, sailing is completely different than anything they’ve done before, Gately explains. By stepping out of your comfort zone and learning a new skill, you may end up boosting your confidence in other domains. To capitalize on this benefit, remember to keep an open mind and be ready to chase that personal growth.


Over the course of your two- to three-hour experience, you’ll be taught how to steer the boat and adjust the sails, and you’ll learn the names of the different parts of the boat (plus, you’ll go over any other topics you’re interested in). To optimize the experience, be sure to communicate your goals and questions to your instructor. “The more feedback you can give us, the more we can tailor the experience to your needs,” Gately says. Book your stay at the Equinox Hotel in NYC here.


The non-profit organization in Manhattan has a dual mission, Gately says. On one hand, HRCS runs a multi-year youth development program for students attending New York City Public Schools. Students who are part of Sail Academy gain valuable STEM knowledge through sailing and, in helping to run the sailing school, achieve job skills that prepare them to enter the workforce. “The other half of what we do is provide maritime education and recreation for the community at large,” Gately adds. HRCS also has a veterans’ program and an adaptive sailing program for youth and adults with disabilities. “It’s all about breaking down barriers to entry,” Gately notes. Learn more about the organization here.