Chris Vo

“To me, AAPI Heritage Month is all about inclusion, normalization, and celebration. Candidly, as a gay Asian male, I grew up with deep self-loathing for every reason you can think of. Born in Texas, to two Vietnamese immigrants, I am not a stranger to the words ‘you’re not wanted and don’t belong here.’ One thing that has really helped me overcome this was seeing AAPI role models in mainstream media—particularly in roles that are heroic and break the narrative that Asian men are weak/less-than. Being a role model to AAPI youth is a responsibility I don’t take lightly.”

Chris Vo, director, programming, group fitness & Equinox Media, New York City

Tim Park

“AAPI Heritage Month means paying respects to all members of the AAPI community that came before me and it is a reminder that I am part of the community that is paving the way for future generations. As much as I have faced racism in my own life, I know that my experience pales in comparison to the racism my parents faced. I am fortunate to witness progress in racial equality, but it doesn’t mean I can afford to be complacent. Rather, the responsibility of advocating for racial equality is now on my shoulders, and I must do what I can to ensure that the voices of the AAPI community are heard.”

—Tim Park, Tier X coach, Hudson Yards, New York City

Pia Kamonsit

“It’s a time to celebrate my roots and acknowledge what makes me different, unique, and special.”

—Pia Kamonsit, instructor, Socal 

Gerard Calvo

“AAPI Heritage Month is an opportunity to highlight the many unique, diverse, and beautiful cultures that define the AAPI community. We are Asians, we are Indians, and we are Pacific Islanders, all combined to bring richness and beauty to music, fashion, food, art, and lifestyle.”

—Gerard Calvo, regional director, group fitness, New York City

Jasmin Lee

“As an Asian American, AAPI Heritage Month is a time that allows me to pause and reflect on everything I have been through as a member of this community and to take pride in it. It is also a moment during which I can collaborate and tell stories with other AAPI members about our commonalities such as language, traditions, food, and so much more. However, in light of recent hate crimes, I would like to take this year to really focus on spreading knowledge and sharing how my non-AAPI friends and colleagues can be allies to us. We live in a city where we mind our own business even when we see something happening that isn’t right. It is so important to speak up or at least show compassion. I think unity with other AAPI members is wonderful but it is so much more meaningful when it comes from someone outside our community.”

—Jasmin Lee, Tier 3+ trainer, East 92nd Street, New York City



Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ, the theme of a new, 30-minute outdoor Precision Run on Equinox+, is a Buddhist mantra that literally translates to “the jewel is in the lotus,” and it represents compassion. Each syllable has meaning—for instance, hūṃ represents wisdom and purifies hatred. Join guest coach Jan Erik Navoa (who has a tattoo of this mantra as a reminder to stay mindful, present, and compassionate) alongside Precision Run creator David Siik in their new run to continue celebrating AAPI Heritage Month.