#1: Spontaneous Trips With borders opening and closing, and testing requirements seemingly constantly changing, many people are planning spur-of-the-moment trips, Henderson says. “We’re noticing more people making reservations at the Hotel within the same day,” he says. “People used the ‘windows’ that they saw between the Delta and Omicron variants to make a trip happen on the fly. It looks like we’re approaching another window now.” #2: The New WFH (Work From Hotel) “I think it speaks to the psyche of people being free in this somewhat digitally nomadic world to say, ‘you know what, I may work from the hotel today,’” Henderson says. With hybrid work schedules, guests are extending their stay at the hotel, working on Friday, for example, and staying through the weekend. “If they can still be productive, but in an environment that segues naturally into free time, I think The Equinox Hotel is a natural extension of that.” You can break up a day of Zoom meetings with a sauna and swim in the heated rooftop pool, for example, and get back on task newly inspired.  #3: Embracing The Great (Urban) Outdoors “The National Parks, camping hybrid solutions, and lake destinations are all thriving right now,” Henderson says. But, he adds, the great outdoors is also being embraced in new ways. “If people aren't going to far-flung places to stay at resorts, urban hotels have the opportunity to become more resort-like.” The Equinox Hotel is launching a sailing club in partnership with Hudson Sail this spring, which Henderson cites as an example of how urban environments and the great outdoors can come together. “I’d predict there will be other equivalent activities that cities start to lean into to make it more desirable to vacation.”