WHY DID EQUINOX PARTNER WITH MONSE? “I saw all the things MONSE was doing in the active space that were really cutting-edge in terms of bridging lifestyle, active apparel, and performance fabric. It turns out that MONSE co-founder Laura Kim is passionate about wellness and loves the Equinox space so it felt like it was the right moment for us to come together.  We created a unique capsule with two tops, two leggings, and a sweatshirt that are exclusive to Equinox. You can train in the pieces or dress them up with combat boots and a great puffer, for example, and you’re ready to hit the streets.” WHAT TRENDS ARE YOU SEEING IN THE FASHION SPACE? Softer fabrications: “As a collective we've softened our approach to how we do everything. We're mixing working from home and in offices so there's been a relaxation in dress codes. As a result, we’re seeing activewear level up in terms of offering more luxurious, softer fabrications that can translate into clothing that you can show up to the office in.” Neutrals and monochromatics: “A key thing we've observed over the last year is this movement away from patterns to neutrals and monochromatic sets. This trend makes active apparel a lot more sophisticated, and it’s easier to take it from the studio or club to the street.”  Chunky sneakers: “We've seen the chunky sneaker and this whole '80s, '90s vibe continue to be prevalent. We just launched On sneakers in the last six months and our best-selling style is the On Cloudnova. It's for running but it’s also a lifestyle sneaker.” EQUINOX'S 2022 CAMPAIGN MESSAGE IS LIFE IS THE LUXURY. WHAT DOES LUXURY MEAN TO YOU? “Taking care of yourself and making sure your health is your wealth is the ultimate luxury.  At The Shop, we're trying to curate this luxury lifestyle emporium that caters to our members' high-performance needs. Here are a few examples: - We just launched Malin + Goetz, Pangaia (which is special as it relates to how their products are developed and the science behind them), and we’re about to launch ASRV. - We’re looking to launch more CBD products (I’ve been using a heated CBD cream with Hyperice tech every night) and supplements. WTHN makes an amazing array of Chinese herbal supplements that we're really into. - We also launched the Equinox Hotels bedding, so we’re focused on creating this complete ecosystem of how Equinox can support all of your MNR (movement, nutrition, regeneration) needs. From your sleep to your feet, we've got you covered.”