“​​My body has proved to me time and time again that it is resilient, strong, and capable.” -Amanda Katz, group fitness instructor, TK club “The ability to feel all the feels. The ability to breathe into the present moment. The ability to move.” -Samantha Harris, yoga teacher, Great Neck, New York “I am currently pregnant with my second child and very grateful for all of the amazing, crazy, wonderful things our body can do during pregnancy and the newborn stage. [I’m] also extremely grateful for my Tier X Coach, Jodi, and Pilates Instructor, Gina, for helping keep me strong, healthy, and moving during this time!” -Brooke Hildebrand, general manager, Lincoln Common, Chicago “My body continually shows up for me every day. When you learn to really listen, it’s taught me when to push hard and when to back off. Because of that, my overall health and wellness has improved greatly!” -Ali Greene, group fitness instructor, Franklin Street, Boston “My body is the machine that helps navigate my soul to live the life that I desire.” -Jojee Santomin, membership advisor, Newport Beach, California “I am grateful for [being able to] walk without pain after four years of suffering with acute pain.” -Cris George, membership advisor, Rockefeller Center, New York City “I'm grateful I get to move every day thanks to my body.” -Mathew Makings, group fitness manager, Beverly Hills, California “I am grateful for the strength, control, power, and grace my body gives me! It is the most incredible vehicle for movement, breath, and celebration of life.” -Annie Kelly, group fitness instructor, Glendale, California “I am grateful that my body was able to produce another human (x2), and then bounce right back. ‘She’ is serving me well; at 45, as a martial artist and paddleboard enthusiast, I am stronger than I ever have been.” -Coco Cohen, group fitness manager, Sports Club NY “So grateful for a strong, healthy, expressive body! Throughout injuries it has helped teach me patience. I have had the pleasure (and pain) of carrying and delivering three humans, who I then get to hug. My body is the vehicle I am able to drive and coast [with] through this wild and wonderful world!” -Amy Malloy, group fitness instructor, program lead, Woodland Hills, California