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Lift, flip and tilt a battering ram-style rubber tube in this exclusive class that was once a personal training secret. You'll get the heart-pumping effects of a cardio workout with medicine ball-style sculpting, all rolled into one.

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From traditional Vinyasa and Ashtanga to our own signature styles, yoga at Equinox will transform your body, mind and spirit. No matter what your experience on the mat, our award-winning instructors guide and elevate your practice at the right pace for you.

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Equinox - Cardio Training

Jump, jab, step and dance your way to a better body with our non-stop aerobic workouts.

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Train, shape and strengthen with our cutting-edge conditioning classes. From core work to resistance training to high-intensity intervals, these carefully designed, comprehensive workouts build endurance and target every major muscle group while defining your body from head to toe.

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Equinox - Martial Arts Training
Martial Arts

Drawing from classic martial arts and combat disciplines, our non-stop, high-intensity boxing classes pack a serious punch. Master any skill from jabbing, punching and blocking drills to the rhythmic fusion of Capoeira.

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Pilates is a vigorous full body work out that strengthens and stretches simultaneously making it an extremely efficient practice.

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Studio Cycling

Get ready to be transformed. As you climb and sprint your way through one of our signature cycling sessions, you’ll increase endurance, up your energy, blast major calories and jump-start your metabolism.

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Conscious Movement

Our revolutionary approach to mind-body training has spurred a new genre of classes and workshops that bring science-based research to mental engagement, music, breath work, movement quality, community and respect to life.

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Water Workouts

Dive into our water workouts. Whether you’re a serious swimmer or just looking for a non-impact workout, we have a pool program designed specifically for you.

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