What are the biggest myths around SPF?

"There are a lot, but I still think that one of the biggest myths from a macro point of view is that SPF is a seasonal product and one that you don’t necessarily need to rely on daily for your skin’s health. The fact is:, SPF is the most important thing in your every single day skincare routine—to the point that the words “skincare” and “SPF” are completely synonymous."

What areas do people often overlook in terms of SPF application?

"A few of your most sun-sensitive, yet often-overlooked spots are your eyes, lips, hands, and scalp. At Supergoop!, we’ve actually coined a phrase for these called VIPs, which stands for Very Important Places, and we’ve also formulated SPFs specifically for these areas that are designed to adequately protect the skin without irritating it."

What tips do you have for for high performers exercising outside during the summer?

"It’s super important to be using SPF (like our clean chemical formulas) that’s going to allow your skin to breathe and sweat during your workouts. If you’re using mineral SPF, then it will sit more on top of your skin, trapping in your perspiration and preventing this process from occurring."

Can you explain more about mineral sunscreen?

"Mineral sunscreen is made up of tiny, white, UV-protecting particles (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or both), and because of this, it will never, ever be fully invisible. And like I said above, these particles will also sit more on top of your skin, so if you’re working out, then these formulas may not be your best bet. There are, however, plenty of other scenarios that mineral SPF can work beautifully for. As I like to say, the best SPF is always going to be the one that you love to wear—and that can be mineral, chemical, or both."

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