Do you have the guts to go slow? Taking time to regenerate is essential for a high-performance life. Regeneration reboots your body and mind to a higher level—it’s when you supercharge your self-healing, and do less to do more.

Take it slow and add some regen time to your schedule. Book a personalized Sleep Coaching program, or press play on our HeadStrong Meditation Podcasts for higher awareness and higher performance.

Headstrong™ Meditation Podcasts

Power down and power further with our latest Headstrong™ Meditation Podcasts. Rest easy with new Sleep meditations and explore our latest featured meditations for travel and the holiday season.

Available on the EQX app and online.

Sleep Coaching

Best. Sleep. Ever. Retrain your body and brain with Sleep Coaching designed just for you. Collaborate with a trainer to unlock better sleep and transform how you move, feel, and own the day. Available at select clubs.

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Regeneration pairs well with everything. Whatever your routine, you’ll find multiple possibilities for pressing pause and powering down at every Equinox club. And now with HeadStrong™ Meditation Podcasts, Regeneration is built into the EQX app as well, so you can recharge anytime, anywhere.


This is your moment. Own it. Take care and take charge with our exclusive treatments especially designed to elevate your performance—PERFORM, PERFECT and POWER DOWN.

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Power down as part of a Yoga class, or give your muscles the love they deserve with Stretching classes and more in Active Regeneration.


From Stretch Floors to Saunas and Steam Rooms, we’ve got the places to work out fatigued muscles, let your results sink in, and reboot for the next challenge.

Meditation 2.0

When the practice is restorative and when it's just another workout

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