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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, (January 4, 2016) - Equinox, the high performance lifestyle leader, launches The Cut, a unique cardio-forward boxing class with no bags, no wraps and no ring. The Cut, is broken down into five rhythmic, relentless boxing and kickboxing rounds, set to explosive playlists.

The Cut blends authentic fighting combinations with balanced conditioning elements Equinox is famous for. During The Cut, members will use light hand weights for improved speed and power.

The Cut, was created by Equinox boxing expert and Miami native, Christa Dipaolo. Christa stems from over 15 years of boxing experience and is a “petite powerhouse” in the world of fitness.

“The Cut is both fun and effective,” says creator Christa DiPaolo. “We wanted to create a main studio boxing and kickboxing format that was non-intimidating and that used minimal equipment, while keeping the integrity and authenticity of the sport. The Cut utilizes fighting drills and combinations that are performed in both an Orthobox and South Paw stance to deliver a smart and balanced workout. Light hand weights are also used for some boxing drills, which is a real technique used by some professional fighters to enhance both speed and power.”

While this functional workout is guaranteed to push your cardiovascular and central nervous systems to new performance highs, all boxing and martial arts levels can engage in this effective, hard hitting, total body workout.

The class structure is broken down into five rounds, each designed with different types of boxing and kickboxing combinations, which includes an array of functional training exercises, specific to Martial Arts. Every punch, throw, strike and most kicks work through every plane of motion, recruiting maximal muscle engagement a heightened use of the central nervous system.

The Cut participants can count on seeing results and build shoulder strength and endurance. “Boxing and martial arts require strengthening the core through stabilization, rotation and power,” Christa Dipaolo says. “This class is fun, high energy and will allow you to experience the ultimate cardio high!”

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