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New York, NY (January 29, 2019) — Equinox, the global high-performance lifestyle leader, today announced the expansion of its signature Precision Run™ program with a Flatiron, New York City-based studio devoted solely to the format, with plans to scale nationally. Since launching in 2014, Precision Run has set the standard for indoor running—and forged an entirely new cardio category—as the only method-driven, performance-based group fitness format.

Amassing an unprecedented following as a group fitness class, Precision Run™ has a diverse base of devotees, including celebrities and professional athletes, and has fueled a new generation of first-time runners with a fundamentally smarter approach to rapid progress and results.

“When Precision Run launched as a group fitness program, Equinox recognized immediately, based on member feedback, that we’d architected the renaissance of treadmill running and created a new indoor cardio category entirely,” said Harvey Spevak, Executive Chairman, Managing Partner, Equinox. “Precision Run, unlike any other group fitness offering we’ve seen, is powerful in its ability to democratize, demystify and disrupt a sport completely, so we recognize how impactful it will be to make the format available even more widely.”

Developed by Creative Director David Siik, Precision Run™ is the first and only science-grounded methodology that balances the variables of treadmill running: speed, incline, duration and recovery, known as the Balanced Interval Training Experience (B.I.T.E.) method. Categorically unmatched, and aligned with Equinox’s philosophy on bespoke fitness offerings, the foundation of all Precision Run programming is personalized, with each runner identifying their one-minute “Personal Record” (PR) to build subsequent workouts and further progress.

All studios will feature proprietary Woodway treadmills, which include its slat-belt technology that will facilitate a fully customized run experience. At the core of the Precision Run™ experience is the Dashboard, a smooth, user-friendly interval training screen that encourages runners to find their “Perfect PR.” Smart keys learn and adapt to runner habits by auto-populating speed and incline during class. Post-class data and stats will appear directly in the Precision Run app to fuel progress and accelerate goals.

“I designed Precision Run as a fun and intensely engaging program that turns the notion of traditional treadmill training on its head and finally collides the spirit and sport of running into a pure and authentic running experience,” said Siik. “We’ve built a diverse community of lovers and haters of running, who come run with us week after week for the quality and the content, always seeking progress. Our runners dare to be motivated by great programming above all else and our promise is to always deliver on that.”

Beyond programming, Precision Run™ has completely reinvented the environmental elements of indoor cardio to further connect runners to the class and enhance performance, including a unique formula of music that motivates, sensorial lighting and oxygen-enriched studios to improve brain function. The Flatiron studio, located at 12 West 21st St., will feature Precision Run’s signature 50-minute format. The studio will also offer a custom water bar with proprietary blends to aid in performance and recovery, including CBD-infused water and magnesium water. A regeneration area and expansive lounge space will welcome the Precision Run community to connect before and after class.

The New York studio will be followed by a location in 2019 in Los Angeles.

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