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201 SANTA MONICA BLVD, SANTA MONICA, CA 90401 | 310.593.8888

What is the Precision Run Lab?

Together with Precision Running mastermind David Siik, Equinox has surpassed conventional treadmill training to create a breakthrough running environment, with every inch innovated to build a better runner. The Precision Run Lab offers a unique sensory running experience complete with immersive light and sound, air enriched by an 02 vaporizer, treadmills with the latest personalization technology, a customized cool-down zone for your post-run stretches, and more. Our expertly-trained coaches will use this space to guide you through your Precision Run workout – a science-based, track-inspired run consisting of intervals at different speeds and inclines.

How is the PR Lab different than Precision Run Classes at Equinox?

The Precision Run Lab is a dedicated space where all we do is one thing: redefine your run with the most innovative indoor running experience ever created.

How is the PR Lab different than other running boutiques?

Only our Precision Run Lab is driven by our signature Precision Run programming, the only method-driven program in the industry.

Do I have to be a member of Equinox to take classes?

Yes, you must be a member of Equinox Santa Monica or have All Access Membership to take classes at the Precision Run Lab Santa Monica.

What is the deal with the oxygen enhancements?

The better your air, the better your run. The 02 Vaporizer creates a more balanced oxygen environment that lets us replicate an outdoor environment in a studio space, so you maximize more potential with less physical stress.

What is the deal with the lighting concept?

Our immersive lighting keeps you in the running zone: the changing colors provide emotional cues as you warm-up, peak, pause, sprint, and cool down.

What makes the music special?

We’re taking a scientific approach to your running soundtrack. We play exclusively vocal-free tracks, so our music playlist enhances an amazing run without ever distracting your focus.

Is Precision Run just for experienced runners?

No! Precision Run is open to runners from all levels, and the classes are always completely based around your individual pace. You discover your speed range, and we help you build your confidence and push your performance.


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