• 1.If a member takes a Pilates session without sufficient sessions, we will make an automatic purchase for sufficient inventory at either 11 am, 6pm, or 11pm the same day. If the purchase fails, we will attempt to process the charge the following days at the same times.
  • 2.By default, members are not opted in for automatic Pilates renewal. They must open the EQX App and go to Account > Membership > Pilates auto-renew to opt in.
  • 3.Automatic purchase is for private Pilates sessions, and is not available for Duet, Semi-private, or other session types.
  • 4.A Pilates client can select automatic purchase for Private 55-minute 1pk, 12pk, 24pk and 48pk options, or opt out of automatic purchase.
  • 5.Packages are automatically purchased at the club’s current rate.
  • 6.Without automatic purchase activated, insufficient session 24 hours prior to an appointment might result in restriction on scheduling any future appointments. And /or the manager may choose to cancel the appointment. Priority will be given to a client who has sufficient inventory.
  • 7.Package renewal automatically uses the client’s card on file. If a client does not have a card on file, auto-purchase will be cancelled, and the client will be notified via an email. Client is required to purchase the session online or in club.