Science doesn't lie and neither do we. Our clinically proven approach is fueled by reality. The fantasy is where you come in.

We Double Dare You


We believe in the power of open spaces. They promote free-form training and multi-joint movement that mirrors our three-dimensional, real-life bodies. Equinox is leading the way with this type of ground-based exercise - a dynamic form of movement that’s less likely to lead to injury or boredom. We still love machines, but our future includes more open space in every club. Let us show you how to use it.

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The Program

• Weekly assessments to improve your form, function and endurance
• Three workouts per week, including:
      • Indoor sessions with metabolic conditioning, functional training and strength-focused programming
      • Outdoor sessions with light running, partner drills, progressive bodyweight movement and high-intensity training
• Weekly summer recipes, workout tips and life-maximization guidelines
• Access to our private online inspiration board
• Q&A calls with coaches to refine your program
• Equinox-branded apparel

Why Train at Equinox?

  • The System

    Our proprietary Three-Cycle System is designed to keep you continuously stimulated. Once you finish 3, you return to Cycle 1 at a more advanced level. No plateaus allowed.

  • The Schooling

    Our certified personal trainers complete 150 hours of education at the Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI). Rigorous and world-renowned, it’s unlike anything else in the industry.

    LEARN MORE about the
    Equinox Fitness Training Institute.

  • The Study

    In the first study of its kind, UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine confirmed that three personal training sessions per week for twelve weeks gave Equinox members significant increases in lean body mass, muscle strength & aerobic performance.

Classes Equinox High Line Loves

  • TRX

    Suspended workout uses body weight for strength, endurance, balance and core stability.

    Blaze through a day’s worth of cardio in 30 minutes. Be glad it’s not longer.
  • Vinyasa Yoga

    Vigorous, with flowing poses & sequences linked to breath. Instructor philosophies differ.

Services & Amenities

  • Kiehl's

    Your workout: tough. Your products: luxe. Reward yourself for a job well done with sumptuously covetable Kiehl's Since 1851 amenities in all the locker rooms.

  • Towels

    Sport-size. Bath-size. Legendary chilled eucalyptus. An abundance of towels, placed conveniently throughout the club. Because one is never enough.

  • WiFi

    Connected, perfected. More powerful than ever, our WiFi is now available in every corner of every club. It’s never been easier to stream your favorite music or video while you work out.

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Studio Pilates at Equinox improves performance by conditioning your entire body and helping it move more efficiently. Your balance and coordination will improve with Pilates training, and you’ll never be too sore to train for your sport.


Studio Pilates at Equinox ensures that no muscle is ever over-trained or under-trained, creating true balance in the body, with less risk of injury. Pilates works the body as a whole in a no-impact way, enabling you to move safer and smarter.


Studio Pilates at Equinox offers so many different exercises, you’ll never get bored or hit a plateau. You’ll work small muscles deep within the body that other methods of exercise can miss. And by building full-body strength and engaging your core and back muscles, you’ll carry yourself as though you’ve been lifted up.


Pilates is for flexibility. Pilates is for flexibility. Pilates is for flexibility. Pilates is for flexibility. Pilates is for flexibility. Pilates is for flexibility.



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Science doesn't lie and neither do we. Our clinically proven approach is fueled by reality. The fantasy is where you come in.

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