1. Online booking is only available at select clubs.

  2. Members can make a reservation at any Kids Club as long as that club is included in their membership.


  1. Members must make a reservation in advance.

  2. Reservations can only be made by members through their EQX app. Each reservation will be for 2 hours.

  3. Only 1 reservation is allowed per day.

  4. Permitted age for children to attend Kids Club is: 3 months - 7 years

  5. Each reservation can include up to 5 children maximum.

  6. Kids Club hours of operation vary by location—reservations begin every half hour

  7. Kids Club packages will continue to be available for purchase at the front desk.

  8. For members who have purchased a Kids Club package, the remaining inventory will be available as Credits within the app for use. These Credits will be automatically applied while reserving online. 1 Credit can be used to make a reservation for a single child.

  9. Members with insufficient Credits must make an online payment in advance to complete their reservation.


  1. Members can cancel a Kids Club reservation any time until the reservation starts without incurring a fee.

    1. Upon cancellation, inventory will be added back into your account (as Credits).

    2. Any “no shows” or “late cancellations“ will not be refunded.

Drop off/Pick up

  1. Members must pick up children no later than 5 minutes after the reservation end time. Late pickup could result in additional fees.

  2. Members MUST sign a digital waiver for both drop off and pick up.

  3. Members must verify their contact information at dropoff (phone number and/or pager #).

  4. If a member is dropping off more than 1 child:

    1. Each child must be listed on the reservation.

    2. All children must be dropped off and picked up at the same time.

    3. A single digital signature is needed for both dropping off and picking up all children.