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The Equinox High-Performance Living Program represents a holistic approach to workplace wellness through an expertly designed set of offerings that can be customized to your needs. Our Premiere Group Fitness programming will keep your employees active, energized, strong and more balanced. And by providing access to our esteemed nutritional philosophies and proprietary Personal Training assessments and stress-reduction tools, we can help improve your performance competitively and in your day-to-day life. We offer expertly designed High-Performance Living content to boost commitment, engagement and loyalty.

Activities are open to members and non-members alike. We encourage you to speak to your Account Executive about the many new options available, enable you to build a programming calendar that perfectly suits your needs.

For more information, please contact corporate@equinox.com.


PROJECT FIT | 4 OR 6 WEEKS: A six-week team-based competition tracking the body-fat loss of employees using our InBody scales. At the end the team with the most significant total loss in body-fat percentage wins exclusive prizes

RUNNING CLUBS/RACE TRAINING | 4 WEEKS OR AS NEEDED: Whether you're creating a running group or prepping for a race using our guides, we have programs designed for specific goals for all running enthusiasts.

PROJECT RUN | 4 WEEKS: A four-week team-based challenge where participants log miles on the treadmill each week. At the end, the team that records the most miles over the month wins exclusive prizes

RECREATIONAL SPORTS LEAGUES | 6-8 WEEKS: Arrange an interoffice league or compete against other high-profile companies in our High-Performance Living Program. Available only at Equinox Sports Clubs. *At select clubs.

ETC | 6 WEEKS: This focused progression program drives transformative personal results through collaborative group training. Three times per week, our renowned fitness professionals will push you through innovative, high-intensity workouts supported by elements of movement, nutrition and regeneration for a comprehensive approach to meeting your fitness goals. *At select clubs at an extra cost.

TIER 4 TEAM TRAINING | 6 WEEKS: Transform your body and its performance ability with a challenging progressive program. Our most elite trainer, the Tier 4 Coach, is the best in the industry and possesses key insight and expertise in Personal Training and nutrition design. They will create a comprehensive training regimen that focuses on individual parameters in a group setting, while motivating you to reach the top of your game.*At select clubs at an extra cost.

TEAM TRAINING | 6 WEEKS: Team Training is designed to get you into your peak condition and exceed your most ambitious performance goals. Our renowned coaches will motivate and challenge you to strengthen your foundation and intensify your workouts. See how cutting-edge workouts and utilizing the range of equipment on the fitness floor will push you beyond your comfort zone and into new levels of fitness.*At select clubs at an extra cost.


THE PURSUIT*: An immersive studio cycling experience that users groundbreaking in-studio gaming and stunning data visualization to drive competitive and inspire peak performance.

SHOCKWAVE: This total-body circuit challenge combines Water-Rower machines for high-intensity calorie burn with dynamic, functional exercises using ViPR, Body Bars, BOSUs and Kettlebells to sculpt and transform the body.

ROPES & ROWERS*: A full-body circuit built on battling ropes and the WaterRower, driving balanced strength and greater cardio fitness to propel your performance. The exhilarating solo and team competition will push you to bring it, beat it and brag about it.

PLANK CHALLENGE: Arrange an interoffice league or compete against other high-profile companies in our High-Performance Living Program. Available only at Equinox Sports Clubs. *At select clubs.

*Signature programming


ONSITE WITH INBODY: Receive an accurate body composition assessment from innovate inBody technology scales including an analysis of both your dry lean mass and total body water, a comparison between your skeletal muscle mass, and more. Then, learn tips and tools in a private session with a personal trainer to make adjustments.

FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREENING: Identify your body's functional limitations and asymmetries, and improve your body awareness through a comprehensive ranking and grading system.

TIER 4 ASSESSMENT: Experience our most sophisticated assessment tool performed by our most elite Personal Training Group, Tier 4. They'll use diagnostic techniques and look at key fitness parameters to devise a health and exercise strategy designed for maximizing your results.

VO2 MAX: This assessment measures heart rate, pulmonary ventilation and gas exchange to figure out the ideal exertion level at which fat metabolism is maximized and fatigued, and muscle soreness is minimized, at a level just below the anaerobic threshold.

POSTURE AND GAIT ASSESSMENT: Measure the imbalance of your posture and gait to optimize performance and reduce discomfort.

CHAIR MASSAGES: The tension-relieving benefits of massage therapy are well documented, but the new findings suggest that a mere 10-minute massage can also help reduce inflammation in muscles, an underlying factor in chronic diseases like arthritis. Our LMTs from The Spa can visit onsite to give your employees a little R&R.

STRETCHING SERIES: Trainers can be onsite to help target every muscle group in 30 minutes flat.


YOGA: Whether you're looking for a dynamic, athletic experience or a connection with your inner Zen, Equinox offers superior Yoga classes. Power Vinyasa is our most popular, but we offer a stunning variety including Hatha, Anusara and lyengar. Prepare to be transformed in body and amind. Examples include: Flow Play Yoga* Hot Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga.

CYCLING: Cardio training meets inspired playlists, with a variety of drills, intervals and team challenges. Climb, spring and let the energy move you. Examples include: Rhythm Revolution, Cycle Beats, Interval Cycling.

RUNNING: For those who think the only miles that count are the ones you run outside, think again. equinox is redefining Running training and casting a whole new light on the treadmill. Industry-defining classes merge technique with intensity in a collection of classes designed to take you to the next level as a running. Examples include: Precision Running*, Runner's Reset, Run Cross

CONDITIONING: From strength training and body sculpting to functional training and core conditioning, you'll move better, feel stronger and look more chiseled. Intense and focused, these classes bring the fun factor as well as the burn. See results in weight management, cardiovascular health and lean muscle development. Examples include: Body Sculpt, Definitions, Deep Extreme.

ATHLETIC TRAINING: The science behind our high-intensity Athletic Training proves that elite conditioning is attainable. Our expert instructors deliver dynamic experiences that are intense, challenging and proven to burn calories, ramp up your metabolism, and ignite your energy. Examples include: METCON3*, Whipped!, Tabata.

BOXING AND MARTIAL ARTS: Mindful movement will shift you towards mastery. From traditional boxing and bag-work to cardio-kickboxing and sport-specific conditioning, you'll work with experienced instructors on your chosen discipline. The healthy way to let off steam and turn your day around: Examples Include: The Cut, Powerstrike!, Boxing Boot Camp

PILATES: No muscle is ever over or under-trained in this challenging mat workout, based on the teaching of Joseph Pilates. We offer an assortment of Pilates workouts, all of which strengthen while they stretch, with deep emphasis on the core. Examples include: Pilates Fusion, Power Pilates Flow.

DANCE: Choreography by professional dancers meets of-the-movement playlists in high-energy cardio classes based upon a diverse selection of dance styles. Classes range in skill level from easy-to-follow to Broadway-level. Examples include: Cardio Dance Fusion, Werq, Zumba

BARRE: To create a more perfect Barre program, we began with the rigor and tradition born out of ballet school and evolved it as only we can, marrying precise technique to high-performance athleticism – blending skill with sweat. Examples include: True Barre, Eqa Barre Burn*, Gold Barre.

REGENERATION: Maximize overall health, prevent injury, and mobilize and reset tissues with techniques that complement your movement regimen. Myofascial routines, athletic stretching, breath-work and mindset teaching combine for the ultimate restorative experience. Examples include: Stretch Therapy, RX Series, Meditation.

*Signature Programming


COMMITMENT: Commit to be fit. Reaching your goals is a process, not an event, and the key lies in setting up the right behavior changes that can ultimately become habits. Learn to define your goals and start making the small changes today that lead to big results tomorrow.

FITNESS 101: Not sure what to do once you make it to the gym? Getting in the door is the first step, now discover the fundamentals of fitness in this interactive seminar. Walk away with the knowledge to structure your workouts and create a results-driven routine.

NUTRITION: Industry leaders will guide you through the twelve essential pillars for daily nutrition. Then, learn how to use the information to develop habits you can adopt today for a healthier lifestyle.

SLEEP: Often worn as a badge of honor, working from low sleep to no sleep has become a common occurrence. Learn about the potential negative consequences of sleep deficiency and how to make even the smallest changes to dramatically improve your performance, and and out of the gym.

DE-STRESS: Participate in an interactive seminar focusing on overcoming stress and incorporating simple relaxation techniques into your daily routine.

PERFORMANCE TRAINING: Improve your sports-specific skills with our industry leaders with backgrounds in athletic training. Learn the foundational components of a performance based program and how you can design one for yourself.

CARDIOVASCULAR: Learn about the fundamentals of the cardiovascular system, heart heath and how your training can affect it. You will be lead through the basics of cadio programming and what steps to take to go longer, fathers or both–safely.

DESKTOP ERGONOMICS: Your work space should fit your needs, not the other way around. Learn how to avoid some of the most common errors in setting up your desk. Even small changescan make a big difference in minimizing injury and making work more enjoyable.

BRAIN HEALTH: The brain is always evolving and stress can wreak havoc on it. Acquire easy changes to incorporate into your lifestyle to keep you in your best health.

SPEAKERS FROM EQUINOX HEALTH ADVISORY BOARD*: We boast a robust assembly of leaders on our heath advisory board who provide compelling knowledge to elevate your approach to personal health, physical performance and vitality.


FURTHERMORE DISTRIBUTION: 20-minute workout videos, new scientific findings, sleep-recovery techniques and so much more are available through Furthemore, our acclaimed online magazine. These articles can be packaged specifically for your employees.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE LIVING SYMPOSIUM VIDEOS: Our High-Performance Living Symposium is an annual three-day summit of the brightest minds advancing the fields of Health, Sustainability and Technology as fundamental contributors to High-Performance Living. Deliver these pre-recorded presentations to your employees to expose them to interdependent breakthroughs that are leading the health and fitness industry into the future.

*Extra Cost

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