General Studio Cycling FAQs

What should I wear to class?

We suggest wearing comfortable bicycle shorts to minimize friction and to provide some padding in the seat — this maximizes performance and minimizes discomfort. Tops made of performance fabrics are excellent for cycling as the help to wick sweat away from the body and help with cooling. Lastly, a stiff soled cycle shoe is a real game changer for many participants. Invest in a cycle shoe and you’ll realize what a great connection to the bike it provides.

What kind of shoes are compatible with the bikes?

Our bikes have pedals that allow for three possible attachments. We have a cage for sneakers so anyone can ride, even if they do not have cycling shoes. We also accommodate SPD and Look Delta clips.

What are the best stretches for after class?

Because you never fully flex or extend through the hips, knees and ankles during cycling targeting, those muscle groups are very helpful to "reset" the body after class. Be sure to stretch the hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps. Lastly, don’t forget to open up the front of the body. Doing a chest opener is highly recommended.

What is the best way to fuel pre- and post-ride? (nutrition, hydration, etc.)

Think about nutrition like gas for your car. You cannot drive for a long distance at a high speed without gas in your engine. Same goes for cycling. You need to eat a few hours prior to class and be sure you have energy to perform at your highest levels of efficiency. Drink water before, during and after class.

Tips on proper form/ technique

Be sure to always keep your hips over the pedals when out of the saddle. Hand positions are about comfort and should be changed frequently to minimize upper body stress. Remember, your lower body is the engine, and your upper body is for stability on a bike.

What do the metrics on my console mean

RPM = Revolutions per minute. This is how many times one crank arm completes a full 360-degree turn in one minute. RPM ranges are frequently provided by your coach to maximize your ability to create power.

Wattage/Power - This is a measurement of how much power you are producing when cycling. It is a combination of the gear you have (resistance) and how fast you are pedaling (RPM) that creates your wattage or power number. Gear + RPM = Wattage/power.

What should my wattage be

Wattage numbers are very individual and many variables contribute to them. Overall fitness level, leg strength, and body weight all play a role in your wattage number.

How many classes a week should I take?

Taking 2-3 classes a week on nonconsecutive days is suggested. Cross Training with strength and flexibility classes programs interspersed is highly suggested.

What are some other workouts that complement cycling?

Studio cycling is an excellent cardiovascular workout but should be complemented with flexibility training such as any form of Yoga and also full body strength training such as MetCon3 or 4x4. This rounds out your fitness regimen providing a perfect mixture of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

Booking Cycling FAQ

How do I sign up for cycling classes?

Sign up for cycling classes using the EQX app or on using our Book A Class feature. Book A Class opens up 26 hours before class start time and closes 35 minutes before the class starts. 100% of bikes are available to be booked online. At 30 minutes prior to class start time, if there are any open bikes, you can come into the club and sign up in person.

What if the class i want is Full?

We have an online digital waitlist. You can add yourself to the online waitlist and should a spot become available, you will be auto-booked into the class. You will receive an email letting you and don’t worry if you can’t make it, you can easily cancel directly from the email and you are immune to strikes if you are auto-booked. In club, if a class is full you can add your name to the in club standby list – located at the Front Desk – 30 minutes before class. At class start time, club staff will assign “no-show” bikes to the standby list on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Website & App Cycling FAQ

Can I access the ride data after class?

Equinox launched Connected Cycling in 2015, which enabled members to access their ride data after class. You can go to the “Activity” section on the EQX app or to access your cycling data. You must book a bike on the EQX App or to have your ride data recorded.

When will my cycling data be available to view on and the Equinox App?

Within about 15 minutes after the class has ended.

When will my club’s cycling studio be connected?

All Equinox clubs have connected cycling.