Tania Valle


        • Hometown

          Guadalajara, México

        • Bragging Rights

          I have a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering and I got a perfect score on my driving and written tests... and I don't drive!

        • What Most Don't Know

          I have a soft spot for puns, can you think of one? I'll "weight" for you to share it.

        • My Fitness Message

          Mind over body. You are stronger than you think you are!

        • Regeneration Destination

          I like to decompress at home, watch a guilty pleasure show and spend time with my family and husband.

        • My Commitment

          I am committed to being the best version of myself, and laughing every day.

        • After My Class You'll Feel...

          Happy, accomplished and challenged! You will leave knowing I cared about you and your workout, and how much I'm looking forward to seeing you in class again!

        Weekly Schedule

        Tania has no upcoming classes in next 7 days.