Pasquale Guiducci

Barre Barre Bootcamp METCON3 Power Yoga Vinyasa Yoga
Anthem Row Tysons


        • Hometown

          I was born and raised in New Jersey.

        • What Most Don't Know

          I can live off of bananas and peanut butter. I would much rather live on a beach somewhere, and I am a giant fan of crop tops, glitter, and shorts!

        • Bragging Rights

          I am certified in yoga, Pilates with Reformer, and barre!

        • My Fitness Message

          Take a risk. Explore your edges. Find your growth. And always be kind.

        • Regeneration Destination

          I love treating myself to spas, massages, and mani-pedis. When I am trying to escape the city, I prefer somewhere warmer, an island with a gentle breeze and a beautiful view!

        • After My Class You'll Feel...

          I hope you will feel complete. I urge you to feel challenged and also accomplished. Become inspired to inspire others around you.

        • My Commitment

          I am committed to learning. I think every second is a new opportunity for discovery and growth!

        Weekly Schedule