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        • Hometown

          I was raised in Allentown, PA.

        • Bragging Rights

          I hold certifications from Schwinn, AFAA, and earned my BFA in dance choreography/performance.

        • What Most Don't Know

          Every cat I’ve adopted I’ve taught to do tricks, including one which used the toilet.

        • My Fitness Message

          Work your body how you want it to work for you!

        • Regeneration Destination

          I love to escape to the beach when I need a reset, whether it be locally or a weekend getaway to Miami. The sun, salt, and sand rejuvenate me.

        • My Commitment

          I’m committed to living my best life.

        • After My Class You'll Feel...

          Better than when you walked may even be inspired with a high-kick on your way out!!

        Weekly Schedule