Caroline Weber


        • Hometown

          I grew up in San Luis Obispo.

        • Bragging Rights

          I hold certifications from The Egoscue Method as an Advanced Exercise Trainer as well as a Master Instructor. I was trained in Yoga Sculpt as well as Vinyasa through Corepower Yoga. I've been using all of my certifications for the last 9 years.

        • What Most Don't Know

          I'm rarely home when I have free time. I love taking trips to any place and anywhere! If it were up to me I'd have a teleport machine and go to a new country every weekend.

        • My Fitness Message

          Your body is your vehicle to take you through the experiences of life. Take care of it!

        • Regeneration Destination

          If I'm not working, you can find me on the beaches of San Diego relaxing or surfing.

        • My Commitment

          I'm committed to living a fun, full and balanced life.

        • After My Class You'll Feel...

          Like you had a great time, but also worked your entire body. Since my training is in posture alignment, I really focus on form and injury prevention during all of my classes!

        Weekly Schedule

        Caroline has no upcoming classes in next 7 days.