Aubre Winters


        • Hometown

          I grew up in Overland Park, Kansas.

        • Bragging Rights

          My Certifications and awards do not define me as a Group Fitness Instructor. I have been obsessed with movement since I was young and it is my passion in life and #1 goal to just get people moving!

        • What Most Don't Know

          I am obsessed with french fries. Could actually eat them every day, for the rest of my life.

        • My Fitness Message

          No one is you and that is your power!

        • Regeneration Destination

          Fortunate enough to live by the beach! I love starting my days with my rollerblades on cruising down the Santa Monica/Venice Beach boardwalk!

        • My Commitment

          I am committed to staying true to myself day in and day out! I will always put in the work, no matter how hard life gets, to vibrate higher and push myself outside of my comfort zone so I can grow and evolve every single day.

        • After My Class You'll Feel...

          Energized and confident... hopefully ready to go kick booty and make all of your dreams come true!

        Weekly Schedule

        Aubre has no upcoming classes in next 7 days.