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Your personality, skills and objectives are important in matching you with the right personal trainer. Equinox personal trainers range in level from Tier 1 level to master Tier 4 level. A trainer's progress through the Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI) determines trainer level, ensuring increased skills as trainers are promoted.


Work with the Personal Training Manager at your Equinox to match your skills and objectives with the appropriate Personal Trainer. A positive, motivational relationship with your trainer can help forge the kind of working partnership that yields results you'll see and feel.

Tier 1 Trainers
Your Tier 1 trainer will be able to develop programming to achieve a strong foundation including cardiovascular health, strength and endurance.

Tier 2 Trainers

Your Tier 2 trainer will have solid coaching experience and will be skilled in a variety of methods. These trainers can help take your workout to a new level and develop creative programming designed to enhance strength and endurance while also teaching you new skills requiring balance and coordination.

Tier 3 Trainers

Your Tier 3 trainer will be seasoned with exceptional leadership and program development skills. Adept in a variety of areas, including marathon/triathlon training, pre and post natal, post injury and training for seniors, these trainers have the ability to address the needs of a diverse clientele.

T3+ Trainers

In addition to the skills above, your Tier 3+ trainer will have advanced certification nutrition and health management. These trainers can merge progressive personal training with customized nutritional coaching.*

T4 Trainers

You will have access to a team of Tier 4 coaches who specialize in a 360 approach to health and wellness. In addition to mastery of the entire EFTI curriculum, they have studied at the hands of prestigious academicians from around the globe. Using advanced assessment technology, they devise a health/exercise strategy designed to positively impact your lifestyle.*

*Available at select clubs.

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