ETC SPRING 2013 SCHEDULE:  April 8-May 18

ETC Spring 2013 Camps are now closed and filled to capacity.

Thank you for your interest in ETC and we look forward to sharing additional camps with you in the future. 

ETC stands for Equinox Training Camp. ETC is designed to motivate and stimulate Equinox athletes in a team-centered environment. The workouts are dynamic, fun and progressively increase in complexity and intensity over the course of 6-12 weeks. Each workout is 45-60 minutes in duration taught by two group fitness instructors and uses a tested combination of exercise styles. This innovative program was carefully developed by Equinox Tier 4 Coaches Josh Stolz and Seamus Dooley, Jeffrey Scott, Will Amason and Geoff Bagshaw and it is the most comprehensive and specialized boot camp program that exists on the market today.

Athletes will experience a variety of strength and conditioning exercises and bodyweight movements to burn fat and promote cardiovascular health. Essentially a high intensity interval-training workout, ETC combines smart functional tempo based strength and endurance training complemented by intense metabolic activity. 

The importance of regeneration and recovery is emphasized in the cooldown period with myo-fascial release using the most effective and efficient self massage equipment available.

Athletes can expect to burn 600 -1000 calories per class, and continue to burn calories at a higher rate due to an elevated metabolism from ETC strength and high Intensity intervals (HIIT).




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