Benefits of Personal Training
To become an Equinox Corporate Partner or for more info email us at (Please include your name, phone number, and your Company's name and address.). If your Company already has a Corporate Membership program with us, find out how to take advantage of all the benefits waiting for you.

Equinox works with the premiere companies in the world. We offer a comprehensive suite of customized fitness and wellness programs to engage and motivate your employees, delivering an unparalleled corporate benefit for your employees. 

Below is a sampling of the types of programs we offer. We also develop custom programs to target the specific needs of your company, all of which are included as part of our Corporate Partner program: 

Intimate, 1-hr seminars taught by industry leaders focused on relevant health-related issues:
·            Weight management
·            Stress management
·            Postural alignment
·            Nutrition
·            Smoking Cessation
Taught at Equinox or on-site at your company, we lead small-group motivational classes such as:
·            Yoga, Pilates, Meditation for stress reduction
·            Budokon, Tai Chi for self defense
·            Agility, Boot Camp, Spinning, Intesati for team bonding
Intensive day or week-long classes reinforcing healthy lifestyle behaviors:
·            Healthy cooking
·            Ergonomics
·            Healthy Travel Tips
·            Yoga/Meditation
·            Preventative Health
·            Pre/Post Natal Fitness
·            Getting Started at Any Age
·            Sports Specific Programs
·            Breast Cancer Awareness Month
·            Sports Nutrition­making sense of the vitamin store
On-site visits by our experts providing fun and useful health-related assessments, tips and services
·            Body Age
·            Personal Training tips
·            Massage and spa services
·            Blood Pressure tests
·            Body Fat analysis
·            Flexibility tests
·            Gait analysis