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Although Equinox has always been eco-conscious in design and philosophy, we’ve recently taken our initiatives a step further in an attempt to make our ecological footprint a little lighter.

Take a look at some of the progressive, environmentally friendly changes taking place at locations nationwide, making our clubs – and our planet – a healthier place.

•  Carefully selected finish materials such as wood, tile, textiles and paints that contain low or no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs are harmful gasses emitted from solids and liquids such as paint, building materials and adhesives).

•  Building materials and furniture which are sourced locally and require less transportation to our locations, have high recycled content and are from rapidly renewable resources such as cork, bamboo and rubber.

•  Green cleaning products that contain natural ingredients and VOC free.

•  Carbon monoxide detectors and high performance air filters.

•  Utilization of water filtration and water-saving technologies, LED lighting with local and dimming controls, zoned and programmable temperature controls and energy management systems.

•  Water flow reducing plumbing controls what use less water and still provide a luxurious drenching stream. Electronic flushing and faucet controls that reduce wasted water.

• Collection and storage areas for recyclable items.

•  Natural cotton, un-bleached towels which are laundered in our energy efficient washing machines and dryers in each club.

•  Close proximity to public transportation and provision of bike racks.


Eucalyptus Towels

Stay cool with refreshing, chilled eucalyptus towels, available across the fitness floors.

Kiehl's Since 1851

Our locker rooms are exclusively stocked with luxury Kiehl’s since 1851 skin and haircare formulas.

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Blue Steel

Blue Steel

Need some advice on proper form or assistance with stretching or equipment? Stop any trainer in a light blue tee. They are there to help.

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